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People of Thane.

According to my experiences in Thane, I can assure you about the kind heartedness and calm nature of the residents (Just as all mumbai residents). You won`t have hard time searching for people ready to help you selflessly.

What People Say About Thane

  • Thane is one of the most renowned cities of Mumbai metro region. It is also known as "City of Lakes".

    But, after 20-25 years of hard work, the city underwent great development and now is famous for it`s mall and other dazzling infrastructures.

    Now, Thane has got another name- "City of Skyscrapers" . It has also got a total of 8 malls, namely "Eternity mall, Korum mall, Viviana mall, Lake City mall, High Street mall, Wonder mall, R-mall, Mega mall".

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